Inspired by the dabloon trend going around tiktok at the time of posting

How to Play

Open up Tiktok

Try to find what is
being offered to be bought

Click the Big Sell
Button once you find it, Get dobloons

coin sound by Jesús Lastra

Published 10 days ago
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
TagsCats, dobloon, Singleplayer, tiktok


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you just spam the sell button lol


I dont get this at all 

i dont get it

Is awesome!

hi I love this game so I can keep track of the dabloons I'm earning my selling very good 

Bel gioco adesso riesco a ottenere dabloons molto velocemente in 30 minuti ho fatto 25k dabloons

Wow I Got 10009 Dabloons


Tbh, its only cool for people that like clickers and people who want to be nice

Boring, it would be cool if youd add a store that you can buy things from so the game isn't pointless

I'm working on adding more stuff to the game so no worries there! I'll see how a store can fit in

is something supposed to happen my screen is just this beige colour…

(1 edit)

Hmm sorry to hear that, Are you on mobile by any chance? As the web bui;d doesn't work very well on mobile.


Could you make it so you can save your progress :)


I've just started running the game and i love it smmm!!!!!


I really like the game so far and I already got over 10k Dabloons! I just request a leaderboard function if that’s not a hassle because it would create a good sense of competition, thanks!


best game ever


oh my god its so cute


Maybe make it so you can download the game


This is so cute!! I love it:) i currently ahve 7009 dabloons. Its very fun. Ty for makong this game<3


Very cute tbh! I really hope this game keeps developing


dog water game


This is so cute!


maybe we could interact with the cat? cant w8 for updates


Yes! I could make something like that- maybe allow petting the cat etc


dabloon game


at some point if you can make it fit mobile? No rush


It should mostly work on mobile but I'll look into making it be more consistant across different sized screens


Could you change it so that we can just add what we already have and then subtract when we buy something?


Yes! That should be a simple enough addition


cool game but I'm sure it still needs a lot of improvements


For sure :D I made this in a few hours as a quick protoype and will continue working on it- Really happy to see that people are liking it


how can i save 

No way to do that for now sorry, but It's a high priority feature to get added


ok :D


Good game but could add a buying feature


Mmm that could be interesting, I'll look into seeing what I can do